July 17, 2013

Day 10: What to read next?

This is part of a 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge from Good Books and Good Wine.

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How do you choose which book to read next?

I keep two TBR lists on Goodreads, "tbr-next" and "to-read". The to-read list has 600+ books that I want to read. The tbr-next list usually has around 30 books that I want to read in the near future. At first I just had one TBR list, but once it started growing into the 100s it was getting out of hand and hard to organize. So I picked the book that I wanted or had to read soon and created a much shorter list.

I try to order the list and read it through, but I'm always making changes to it. Usually the changes are books that I've added for my book groups or because I have a book that I need to read by a certain time for someone. Like when my sister ropes me into reading books she has to read for class, so I can help her on her paper.

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