July 13, 2013

Day 6: Book Shopping!

This is part of a 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge from Good Books and Good Wine.

Describe how you shop for books.

Unfortunately, money is super tight, so I haven't been to a bookstore in almost a year. That isn't to say that I don't get new books though! Most of my books right now come from the library. They have a free book exchange in the fiction section. You bring in a book; you take home a book. I never get rid of a book once I get it though, but my grandmother reads her mysteries and then gets rid of them once she's read them, so she leaves a book, and I get a book. She leaves more books than we take though, so we usually each end up walking out with a bag of books.

My other favorite place to look for books: garage sales. More and more garage sales have free book boxes, and many of them are often good and sometimes even newer releases. I also find a lot of really awesome old books that the people inherited from dead Grandma and just want to get rid of not realizing what they are.
Next favorite place to look: antique stores. Books usually aren't that expensive at antique stores, but I don't often run across anything rare or really good. I did find an awesome 1910 copy of Ivanhoe last year though, and this year I found a 1st edition copy of Hiroshima. Every once in a while I run across something interesting that is marked cheap because the owner or shopkeepers didn't know what they had.

Last on my list is bookstores, online and in-store. I usually shop Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Borders was my favorite though before they closed. I kind of boycotted B&N for a bit because they quit giving out as many coupons when Borders went out of business. I mustn't have been the only one though, because in the last couple months, they've put out more coupons than usual.

Since money has been tight lately, I've mainly been reading the books I own which I haven't read yet. There's plenty of material to go through, 300 to 400 easy. I've been depending on the library mostly for newer releases. I've been so caught up in my Nook lately that it was nice to rediscover the library. Nicer that they're currently holding a reading contest.


  1. I am a huge bargain shopper. I waited almost a year to get The Immortal Rules just so it was cheaper in paperback...That might be weird but, what can I say. Kindle has been amazing, the books are usually cheaper and I love it!
    Brittany @ Spare Time Book blog
    My post: http://sparetimebookblog.blogspot.com/2013/07/15-day-blogger-challenge-day-6_13.html

    1. So many people seem to buy, read, and get rid of new books here that I usually don't have to wait long to get whatever book I want.