June 29, 2013


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Genres/Themes: Fantasy

Thought I'd try this out since so many people seemed to have liked it. I have discovered that I am now not one of those people.

The beginning was pretty good if a bit wordy, but not even a fifth of the way through the book and the main excitement of the beginning had already finished. I was left thinking, "OK, I hope there is more exciting stuff to come." Well there was, kinda.

The author is very wordy and likes to go on a lot of tangents. I found myself speed reading some sections to get through it. The tangents were ofter fluff, boring, or could have been better placed to evolve the story line. The main character would often have something happen to her and think a ton of stuff before reacting when it's obviously a situation where she only hesitated a second or two. I know that you think faster than you talk since most of it isn't in words, but would she really be able to think almost 5 pages of stuff in less than 2 seconds?

There were also a lot of questions that were left unanswered or vaguely answered. Where did Constantine originally come from? How old is he? (This was kind of answered, but not really.) If Con and Bo are the same age, then why are their abilities so different? (Again, kind of answered, but the answer gave another question: What are the two different "types" of vampires? Is there more than two?)
Another big climax that sometimes happens is in vampire books is the outing that so-and-so is a vampire or hanging out with a vampire or whatever. Didn't really happen. There was one point where I thought it would, but it was kind of passed over.

This book is also labeled a romance, so I was expecting some romance. Not so much. There was some, but not enough that I would comfortably label the book a romance. I was kind of disappointed in that. There is some relationship stuff going on, but I think there'd have to be more to the ending for me to be happy calling it a romance.

This book was way longer than it needed to be. A lot happened in the very beginning, there was some stuff in the middle, and a lot at the very end. Most of the book seemed to be trains of thought, tangents, and fluff. It was very frustrating to read at times.

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