June 30, 2013

Once Burned (Night Prince #1)

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Genres/Themes: Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Vampires

This book was so much better than I expected it to be. At first, I was a little put off since the main vampire was Vlad "Dracula" and the main female character and her friend vampire were both carnies, but it all turned out ok. Truly.

This book in many ways reminded me of A Discovery of Witches. The main character is kind of kidnapped by the traditional vampire (Yay for traditional vampires. Modern lit is kind of getting away from that. Prime example: Twilight--ew.) The romantic relationship takes time to develop and isn't all like, "Oh my God, you're a vampire? Let me jump your bones!" They end up in the old country in a castle, and the main character has powers but not obnoxiously so. The book just seemed to get better as I continued to read, and I ended up reading it from start to finish without putting it down.

The only thing that was a little weird was when her family came into the picture. It needed to happen, and I liked that it happened, but not much happened. I feel like the father needed to protest more or something. It just all went too smoothly.

The only other thing that I questioned was her sudden disappearance from Florida. At one point in the book, Vlad offers to let her call home on a secure line so that her family doesn't report her missing. She doesn't because she isn't close to her family. Ok, but what about the other carnies? Her and Marty both just kind of disappear. Are none of the other carnies going to become suspicious?

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