May 20, 2013

The Elite (The Selection #2)

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Genres/Themes: Fantasy, Romance
Rating: ★★

I finished the book and thought, so what development was there that actually happened? I think it's just because I read it so fast that it seemed that way though. The more I think, the more I realized, "Oh yeah, that happened."

One of the girls was punished, the numbers dwindled a little, and the king's pissed off. Mostly it seemed like a lot of fighting and bickering and you learn a couple dirty little secrets. The most important thing we learn is the actual history of the start of Illea and some of the goals of the raids.

The twist at the end of book one didn't play out like I'd hoped. I kept yelling, "America! So stupid!" in my head every time Aspen came around. I know her feeling are all messed up, but there's no reason to chance getting killed for a guy that you're not sure you want to be with. Not like that anyways.

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