April 17, 2013

A Discovery of Witches (All Souls #1)

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Genre/Themes: Fantasy, Romance
My Rating: ★★★★★

This was an amazing book! I couldn't put it down. It only took me about a day to read.

This book is like 3 books in one. The first story is the building romance between Matthew and Diana, the second is the introduction to his family, and the third is the consequence of everything that's happened.

It was refreshing to read a paranormal romance that wasn't shoving magic and vampire behavior down your throat. It was there but well built into the story. The writing style was captivating and made the story addictive. Harkness has a great sense of word flow. In many books, I'll skip the descriptors between quotes or will only read the first line or two of each paragraph for a couple pages because there is so much fluff that isn't relevant. I read every single word of this book. There was very little fluff and every word added to the imagination. The descriptors were descriptive enough to produce an image, but not so confining that it was hard to imagine the image just so.

I love how they first meet in the library. Though this is one time where Harkness' descriptive writing failed for me. I had a hard time picturing Diana's emotions. She was scared of him but was she trembling scared or putting on a confident face? The picture I was getting kept swinging back and forth making me very confused. Later though, there was some clarification into the matter, but not enough to satisfy me. This was the only instance that I found that jilted the flow of the book for me.
When Diana met Matthew's mother Ysabeau, I instantly liked her even though she was cold and kind of mean. There was just something about her that drew me toward her character. I was glad to see a change, but it was almost too fast. [Show Spoiler]

Overall, it was a very funny and well done book. The beginning was a tad slow, but once you get a few chapters in, the pace picks up quite a bit. Definitely a book I'd recommend for anyone to try!

My favorite quote:
"At the mention of another member of her species, Tabitha strutted into the house through the cat door. With a look of complete devotion, she dropped a tiny, dead field mouse at Matthew’s feet.

“Merci, ma petite,” Matthew said gravely. “Unfortunately, I am not hungry at present.”

Tabitha yowled in frustration and hauled her offering off to the corner, where she punished it by batting it between her paws for failing to please Matthew."

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