April 15, 2013

Books Should Be Free!

Many of you have probably heard of Project Gutenberg. If you haven't, it's a website that offers free and legal downloads of books with expired copyrights (so classics). Fewer of you have probably heard of LibriVox. Again for those who haven't, volunteers take the copyright expired books and record them as audiobooks free for everyone to download. Awesome right?

There is one more website I would like to mention--BooksShouldBeFree. This website takes the content of both and matches them together. Ebooks and audiobooks all in one place. And what's great about this site is that you don't have to download the audiobooks. You can listen to them online. If you do listen to them on your computer (windows). I recommend using Windows Media Player. Maybe it's just me, but I have problems with Quick Time crashing. Once it starts playing, right click the screen and choose "Enhancements>Play speed settings". Now you can adjust the audio speed. It becomes addicting fast. It would be great of iTunes built in this feature. Enjoy!

Kindle and Nook users, check out your respective stores. A lot of these ebooks can be purchased for free online.

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