May 16, 2013

Return to Grace (Home Valley Amish #2)

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Genres/Themes: Mystery, Romance
Rating: ★★★

(finished May 6th)
Hannah Esh decides to leave behind her Amish life and becomes goth to get as far from it as possible. One night, her goth friends decide to have some fun and have a Halloween graveyard party at the Amish cemetery. And that's where everything goes wrong.

The mystery was was very good. I was kept guessing as to who the murderer was and why until the very end. I didn't like that it was set in Amish country though. I live near an Amish community in Indiana, and based on my experience, there were too many things that made me think, "The Amish don't do that! Or at least I don't think they do." Either the Ohio Amish are much more lax than in Indiana, or I think the author should have done some more research.

In the book, it says they have refrigerators and freezers on a small generator. Based on conversations I've had, the Amish don't do this. They would instead have an ice box.

It also made is sound like the telephone shacks are pretty common. I've rarely seen one. When I do, it's in an area where several houses can reach it.

Overall an interesting mystery, but somewhat unrealistic culturally.

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