September 5, 2013

Tools | Calibre

I am starting a new post series about the different tools, programs, websites, and other such things that are useful in all things ebook and audiobook. I'll start off this week with Calibre.

Calibre is the most awesome program I've found for viewing, managing, and organizing ebooks. I've tried a few other programs, but none of them had the versatility of Calibre. If you've been reading ebooks for a while, it's likely you've already discovered this program and its awesomeness. In which case, I'm sorry for presenting you with such a boring post, but for those of you who are just starting with ebooks or haven't found this program yet, I highly recommend using it!

Calibre has many functions within it that controls almost every aspect of ebooks. It's easy to use, but has a bit of a learning curve because of all it's functions. If you aren't very tech savvy, I put together this tutorial explaining many of Calibre's basic functions. It's slightly old, but everything in it is still applicable to the current version of the program. The program also comes with an instruction manual ebook in the download.

The "Edit Metadata" screen.

Calibre also works great with Dropbox (more on that later), but be careful. You only have so much space, so if you are using Calibre to store audiobooks, you won't have much space. If you are using it just for ebooks, you should have more than enough space. I have almost 500 ebooks, some with multiple formats, and I'm using less than a quarter of my allotted space.

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