July 1, 2013

Twice Tempted (Night Prince #2)

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Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Vampires

Just (almost) as good as the first book! Where the first one kind of reminded me of A Discovery of Witches, this one didn't. Leila goes home and is kidnapped by some vampires trying to get at Vlad. Lots of action; lots of relationship issues.

I liked how disconnected Vlad was with human relationship expectations. One because he's lived so long, and I imagine that screws with your ideas and perceptions, and two because of the type of live had had/has that is so much different from the modern human expectations. It mad it more believable that he wasn't exactly human and that he came from another time and place.

The author also tried to show his possessiveness of Leila and wanting her to act like he perceived a woman should, but I don't think she did this that well. Back in Vlad's time, woman didn't count for much. They followed their husbands, did what they were told, and believed what their husband believed. Vlad was almost too modern in his thinking toward woman. He accepted her independence too easily and readily.

Another character trait that bothered me was that Leila accepted violence too easily. At the beginning of the first book, she was almost squeamish. By the end of the second, she was joining in on the torture.

The plot was amazing though for all I thought of character flaws. I love that Leila's actions put Vlad in his place (even though she needed rescuing in the end), and the events that lead up to and cause her to take those actions were just perfect. I was with Leila on thinking what the present meant. That Vlad meant it for what he did was both stunning, surprising, and helped to reinforce that he doesn't understand how his actions are understood to a modern person.

I think that diner was probably one of my favorite parts of the book as well as it being a huge turning point. I hate how predictable books have been lately. There were quite a few elements in this book that took me by surprise. It's not often that I rate book 2 of a series as high as book 1.

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